The Big GP Consultation

Sarah Schofield
Liam Loftus
Veena Aggarwal
Rammina Yassaie
Georgina Neve

The future of General Practice from the eyes of the next generation

“What does a positive vision for the future of general practice look like? And what steps can we take to get there?”

These are exactly the questions that The Big GP Consultation ( asked to the next generation of the GP workforce – GP trainees and early career GPs around the UK. In a series of five consultations that engaged over 100 doctors, this piece of work discovered a deep insight into the challenges faced by General Practice, as well as actionable ideas to take us towards a positive future. These covered the breadth of what General Practice offers, including the clinical role of the GP, how best to recruit, develop and retain the profession, and the responsibility we have towards our society and environment.

In this session, The Big GP Consultation Leadership Team plan to:

  • Share the methods used to generate this vision for the future;
  • Dive deeper into the findings, and implications they have for the future of general practice;
  • Outline how you can use these ideas to have a positive impact in your practice, PCN, and neighbourhood.