BMJ Leader session - Equity and voice

Jamiu Busari
Javeed Sukhera
Audrea Burns
Ming-Ka Chan
Rageshri Dhairyawan
Benjamin Jones
Aoife Molloy

Equity and voice: Why does it matter, and how do we amplify within our healthcare systems

What would it take to ensure that we have the world's most equitable and just healthcare system? This is a question that is difficult to answer given the many possibilities. In many of our healthcare delivery and educational systems, oppressed groups across many axes of power and privilege, face and endure injustice, prejudice, and bias. Many (i.e., patients/families, learners, and healthcare professionals) experience a lack of opportunities and voice to speak up for themselves. They require partners who support their cause and allies/accomplices who stand by them and speak up with them, but not for them.

It is no secret that racism and other forms of oppression/discrimination are nestled into the fabric of corporate, healthcare, and academic social structures. Therefore, we must engage in critical dialogues and action to help recognize these phenomena and use the tools needed to dismantle these structures and give voice to those who are excluded.

In this session, four healthcare and academic leaders will examine inequities and bias through different lenses. They will provide insights on empowering and giving voice back to themselves as well as oppressed groups in our healthcare delivery and leadership systems. By sharing the experiences with the inherent (implicit) biases in ourselves and the health systems and discussing lessons learnt, we hope to promote and ensure true equity and justice.