Professionalisation of clinical leadership - international approaches

Simon Moralee
Mark Exworthy

In such a rich contextual environment as the English NHS, the role of doctors in relation to management has been of academic and practice interest since almost the beginning of the health service itself. What is distinctive about the developments in the twenty-first century are the movements made towards a formal professionalization of medical leadership as a recognised and stable entity, one with legitimacy as a concept alongside clinical medical specialisms. 

In light of the developments of the last 30 years and the emergence of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) within the UK, this research aims to explore the formalisation of leadership development within the medical profession beyond the UK; and to consider the extent to which international professional associations and organisations have influenced and continue to influence the development of medical professional roles, identity, training and practice, in the name of medical leadership. 

By turning our attention to the international field, developments in the areas described above will inform a greater understanding of how care in health organisations internationally is organised, managed and delivered which has a central bearing on the provision of excellent patient care and outcomes.