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FMLM International Conference 2022
International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022
Online | 9-10 November

ePosters at FMLM International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022

We are deligthed to announce the winners of the FMLM International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022 poster competition

All submitted poster entries that meet the criteria will be available to view by delegates over the two day conference.

Category: Leadership to reduce workforce related inequalities and differences in patient outcomes

Winner: Nadia Audhali with Habab Easa et al - Addressing workforce inequality in Paediatric training in the UK

Category: Developing effective leadership

Winner: Sumayyah Mian et al - Leadership & Management for Doctors in Training: A Survey of Trainees and Educators

Category: Leadership insights from around the world

Winner: Matthew Jarocki et al - Empowering Cultural Change at North Manchester General Hospital

Category: Professionalising clinical leadership

Winner: Shivani Rae et al - Reflections on Improving Referral Systems: The Benefits of Junior Leadership

Category: Leadership in environmentally sustainable healthcare

Winner: Alan Hilley et al - Green Champion's Network from FOSH (Faculty of sustainable healthcare)

Category: Collaborative leadership for improving health

Winner: Eleanor Swift et al - A new trust-wide psychiatry ST on call rota: Managing Change and Evaluating Impact

Why should you display an ePoster at an FMLM event?

Displaying an ePoster at the conference is a great opportunity to showcase your projects and help others learn from your strategies or experiences. You will also have the chance to connect and interact with other authors and colleagues from across the world.

  • Showcase your project on our virtual platform before, during and after the conference
  • Receive an ePoster certificate to gain recognition for your work
  • Inspire others by sharing best practices, experiences and successes that others can learn from
  • Raise your profile at a national and international level, and exchange expertise with colleagues from across the UK, and globally
  • Get special recognition - the top three ePosters within each topic will be announced and showcased at the conference, and will have the chance to be awarded overall ePoster winner. All ePosters will be judged by prominent national leaders.

All poster entries for the FMLM International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022 can be viewed below

A New Trust-wide Psychiatry ST On Call Rota244.32 KB
A Six Year Experience of a National Leadership Fellowship in Northern Ireland Achieve, Develop, Explore Programme for Trainees247.67 KB
Barriers to Leadership Training in the East Midlands265.45 KB
Developing Effective Leadership Skills Through Simulation Training345.8 KB
Collaborative leadership drives meaningful digital transformation342.71 KB
FMLM North West Leadership School586.06 KB
Improving Foundation Taster Access477.17 KB
Is that the Medical Registrar468.77 KB
Local Transfusion Practice - a retrospective audit380.99 KB
Medically safe for discharge299.46 KB
Integrated care system177.44 KB
Improving patient and staff experience during induction of labour at Lister Hospital533.15 KB
Scoping Review of Transformative Interventions, using Validated Quality of Life Assessment Tools in Heart Failure (HF) patients 247 KB
Organisational Strategies to Support NHS staff in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic498.44 KB
The establishment of a national federation representing health workers from ethnic minorities529.52 KB
Case-Level Platforming of Complex Case Management884.73 KB
'Leadership in Sustainable Paediatric Services; What's the 'green' impact of a Children's Assessment Unit?'473.71 KB
Green Champion's Network from FOSH (Faculty of sustainable healthcare)139.19 KB
Effective Leadership to design a Virtual Waiting Room Platform518 KB
Service evaluation of the Pain Educational Resources available to Foundation Doctors at a Tertiary Trust 971.94 KB
Transformation of an independent sector treatment centre to a regional trauma centre during COVID pandemic122.47 KB
Meteor – An in-house training program for transforming expert clinicians to cutting edge leaders at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Ce941.79 KB
Feedback conversations training for a multiprofessional faculty leadership group952.05 KB
Developing Medical Leaders in Healthcare Improvement Scotland689.18 KB
Building an OPAT service ‘without walls’: what did we learn on the way?323.83 KB
Addressing workforce inequality in Paediatric training in the UK791.74 KB
Successful introduction of an electronic system to improve efficiency of add-on biochemistry requests417.7 KB
Challenging ‘senior’ leadership paradigms in medical education854.19 KB
Reflections on Improving Referral Systems: The Benefits of Junior Leadership607.62 KB
The Introduction of Novel Bladder Outlet Therapies in a Regional Day-Case Unit in Northern Ireland830.98 KB
Empowering Oral Health in the Community: Leadership Lessons Learnt from Redeployment1018.89 KB
Systems Leadership in Clinical Networks: a new perspective613.61 KB
Embedding wellbeing support in Foundation Induction815.34 KB
Empowering Cultural Change at North Manchester General Hospital913.91 KB
SCALE - Critical Care: Collaborative Leadership for Improving Health878.73 KB
The Generic Professional Capabilities Learning Hub: Aligning a New Curriculum with Strategic Needs of a Trust963.26 KB
Leadership & Management for Doctors in Training: A Survey of Trainees and Educators603.31 KB
Does collaborative leadership make a difference in NHS hospitals?671.12 KB
One Stop Vein Clinic935.61 KB
Moving from ideas to influence909.52 KB
Tigers, Sprints and a General; Inside the Review of Health and Social Care Leadership and Management867.03 KB
Enabling Compassionate and Collective Leadership among Regional Medical Leaders, For Co-created Strategic System Solutions to En711.44 KB
A foundation year 1 to final year medical student personal development mentorship programme - A pilot study 1006.97 KB
Health Scoping in Rural Northeastern Kenya A collaborative effort to improve healthcare services in remote environments743.78 KB
Evidence behind the exhortation? A rapid literature review of servant leadership in healthcare over the last decade"854.76 KB
Does Severe Mental Illness (SMI) impact COVID-19 vaccine uptake?968.28 KB
Developing leadership and management amongst Severn radiology trainees587.82 KB
The power of collaborative leadership1008.89 KB
Introducing interprofessional education between medical and nursing students in Gibraltar.865.5 KB
encompass: Bringing it all together834.12 KB
Leadership in uncertain times427.72 KB
A Network approach to supporting the career development of Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors Cheshire and Mersey588.04 KB


Very positive with excellent speakers.

FMLM online conference

I knew it would be good by looking at the programme but it was even better than I imagined.

FMLM conference, Northern Ireland

Educative and stimulating

FMLM online conference

Very practical with many take aways

FMLM conference, Wales

Excellent topics, thought provoking, varied

Delegate, FMLM conference

Really interesting discussion, excellent speakers who were very inspiring

FMLM conference, Scotland