FMLM Leading the Change

Dirk Pickuth
Paul Evans
Sarah Schofield
Daljit Hothi

Join us for the final session of the conference as we announce the poster competition winners, and to hear about some of the important areas FMLM will be focusing on over the next 12 months. 

Hear from Professor Dirk Pickuth who is leading on the approach to introduce International Fellowship which will allow people who qualified outside the UK to gain the same benefits as those with UK qualification. 

FMLM Director of Leadership Development & Education Daljit Hothi will provide an update on widening collaborative opportunities, including how we will be ensuring Fellowship benefits are available to clinical and non-clinical colleagues. 

Sarah Schofield, PCN independent chair/Associate primary care advisor, FMLM, will reflect on why fewer female medical leaders hold FMLM fellowship as compared with their male colleagues, and FMLM's plans to explore how this landscape can be improved. 

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