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FMLM International Conference 2022
International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022
Online | 9-10 November

As the country shifts its focus from COVID to healthcare recovery, our session Chair Daljit Hothi from FMLM will be putting vital and current questions to the UK's Chief Medical Officers, such as:

  • What is one issue that keeps you awake at night and why?
  • How do you look after your own wellbeing in stressful situations?
  • What successes are you most proud of in the two - three years?

Join us for an in depth discussion with the leaders shaping the future of UK healthcare.

In such a rich contextual environment as the English NHS, the role of doctors in relation to management has been of academic and practice interest since almost the beginning of the health service itself. What is distinctive about the developments in the twenty-first century are the movements made towards a formal professionalization of medical leadership as a recognised and stable entity, one with legitimacy as a concept alongside clinical medical specialisms. 

The importance of Careful and Kind Care, and how to make it happen

Co-chairs: Dr Bob Klaber & Dr James Mountford, Editors—BMJLeader

Presenter: Dr Dominique Allwood, Consultant in Public Health and Associate Medical Director, Imperial College NHS Trust, London and CMO UCLPartners, London

Fake News in the media and social media and the influence on health care leadership decisions.

Explore questions and challenges within this session:
How can health care leaders manage public opinion when influenced by possible fake news?
What role does the media have in your experience in engaging fake news?
What role can social media play in offsetting fake news and examples where it is done well?

A joint GMC and FMLM session discussing the importance of clinical leadership, it's role in postgraduate training and development (including from a UK regulatory perspective) and how clinical leadership development might be best integrated and reflected upon during training.

Join us for the final session of the conference as we announce the poster competition winners, and to hear about some of the important areas FMLM will be focusing on over the next 12 months. 

Hear from Professor Dirk Pickuth who is leading on the approach to introduce International Fellowship which will allow people who qualified outside the UK to gain the same benefits as those with UK qualification. 

Medical leaders across the UK share their own experience and learning about leading in systems.
Panellists will explore leading collaboratively, leading in complexity, and leadership development. This session will build on previous sessions ‘Leading in systems – lessons from the research evidence’ and ‘Hearing multiple voices: the role of the new leader.

With the publication of the Fuller Stocktake and the Messenger Report, how will primary care deliver the future that is needed? 
What will be required of primary care leaders?




Very positive with excellent speakers.

FMLM online conference

I knew it would be good by looking at the programme but it was even better than I imagined.

FMLM conference, Northern Ireland

Educative and stimulating

FMLM online conference

Very practical with many take aways

FMLM conference, Wales

Excellent topics, thought provoking, varied

Delegate, FMLM conference

Really interesting discussion, excellent speakers who were very inspiring

FMLM conference, Scotland