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FMLM International Conference 2022
International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022
Online | 9-10 November

Job crafting for innovation and joy in work: How to craft your job to find happiness at work

Key themes for the session

Explore issues of race and equality as impacts all healthcare leaders and our responsibilities in this important area. Expert panelists will look at the lenses and tools currently employed to agitate our thinking as to what we as individual leaders can do within our spheres of influence. The session will be chaired by Nnenna Osuji, Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive of NHS Croydon Health Service

With so many lives at stake, there has been an immense pressure on healthcare leaders responding effectively to Covid-19. The pandemic has had a substantially disparate impact across the globe. But what are the reasons for this? What does the data tell us about how we should prepare for the future? In November 2020, we brought together a panel of international healthcare leaders to discuss these important issues. 1 year on, join us again as we reunite this group to reflect on what has changed in the past 12 months, and the challenges we still have to face.

Equity and voice: Why does it matter, and how do we amplify within our healthcare systems

In this panel interview session, we’ll be exploring the experiences of leaders who are leading efforts within healthcare and academic organisations in the UK and Canada to improve the experience of teams, learners and patients/caregivers through the lens of diversity, inclusivity and equity.

System leadership in different contexts: In this session leaders share their insight, experiences and observations of system leadership in different contexts. The panel will reflect on:

Bring your career questions to this informal session, where you can relax and enjoy your breakfast while discussing your career concerns and challenges. 

Please note that whilst this session will provide a safe space for discussion, it will be recorded and available on the conference platform after the event. 

Join us in the Career Clinic with Dr Fiona Day.

Our work shows the direct link between effective leadership and the impact that it has on creating collaborative and inclusive healthcare environments. We know that effective leadership are crucial for both staff wellbeing and for patient safety.

In this interactive session we will:

This session explores how to build a way of working that enables a whole system to equitably improve the health and well-being of the entire population.

Using data in an open and transparent way to ask the right questions, collectively develop the solutions and share the learning.
Unleashing the power of a shared sense of purpose where organisations can create lasting solutions to wicked problems on a large scale by coordinating their efforts and working together around clearly defined outcomes.
We need the whole system working for the whole system to work. 

Please note this session is subject to change

Chair: Daljit Hothi of FMLM

Just one of the sessions at the largest healthcare leadership conference from FMLM, featuring top healthcare leadership experts speaking throughout the two day online event. There are also opportunities for building your professional network, speed coaching sessions and access to the conference materials after the event with every registered ticket. 




Very positive with excellent speakers.

FMLM online conference

I knew it would be good by looking at the programme but it was even better than I imagined.

FMLM conference, Northern Ireland

Educative and stimulating

FMLM online conference

Very practical with many take aways

FMLM conference, Wales

Excellent topics, thought provoking, varied

Delegate, FMLM conference

Really interesting discussion, excellent speakers who were very inspiring

FMLM conference, Scotland