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FMLM International Conference 2022
International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022
Online | 9-10 November

The Defence Medical Services has implemented a leadership programme, designed to instil the behaviours and culture needed to foster a compassionate and inclusive approach to leadership through a combination of structured educational events and workplace-based learning. This session examines the approach adopted and hears from participants currently involved its first cohort.

Description: In health care, high profile failures have been partly attributed to poor medical leadership and management; training and development in this field is increasingly seen as essential for doctors to overcome such failures, which they must embrace fully as part of their roles. This presentation will share initial findings from an in-depth case study of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management and its role in medical leadership development in the UK.

In this session you'll get an overview of what research tells us about the characteristics of high-performing teams, along with some practical tools and tips to try out with your own team. The session will be a mix of presentation with breakout sessions, allowing you to share insights and ideas with colleagues

Population Health Management is an approach that aims to improve physical and mental health outcomes, promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities across an entire population. Since the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan in January 2019 Population Health Management has been at the forefront of policy.

In this session we will be exploring inequity as a complex challenge that manifests in multiple areas within global healthcare systems.
We have 2 expert leaders, one from within the NHS and another external to the NHS, both will be presenting their views and approach to addressing inequity through systematic inclusion.

Can Distributed Leadership offer a roadmap to a sustainable, agile, and innovative NHS?

Why, Who, What, and How in an interactive, evidence-based session.

Key themes for the session

FMLM welcome you to the 2022 International Healthcare Conference

This session will identify key outcomes and reflections from a variety of ongoing projects being conducted by the Leadership Observatory. Bringing together contributors from a wide-range of backgrounds, the panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of translating research findings into action to support the workforce and improve patient care. This conversation will provoke debate around how evidence is best disseminated to key stakeholders and we will discuss how individuals with influence can be identified.

With so many lives at stake, there has been an immense pressure on healthcare leaders responding effectively to Covid-19. The pandemic has had a substantially disparate impact across the globe. But what are the reasons for this? What does the data tell us about how we should prepare for the future?

In November 2020, we brought together a panel of international healthcare leaders to discuss these important issues. 1 year on, join us again as we reunite this group to reflect on what has changed in the past 12 months, and the challenges we still have to face.

This session will provide the opportunity for delegates to hear about international developments in leadership development and assessment for doctors in training, including a UK based project led by FMLM.
Delegates will be invited to engage in discussions around how best to embed leadership development and assessment in the workplace and address challenges. 




Very positive with excellent speakers.

FMLM online conference

I knew it would be good by looking at the programme but it was even better than I imagined.

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Educative and stimulating

FMLM online conference

Very practical with many take aways

FMLM conference, Wales

Excellent topics, thought provoking, varied

Delegate, FMLM conference

Really interesting discussion, excellent speakers who were very inspiring

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