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FMLM International Conference 2022
International Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022
Online | 9-10 November

Benjamin Jones

DPhil Student
University of Oxford

Ben is a DPhil (PhD) student a the University of Oxford with the Health Systems Collaborative studying program theory and Rheumatic Heart Disease screening. He graduated from an MD at UNSW in Sydney in 2021 and is also currently completing the final subject of his Masters in Health Leadership and Management.

Ben is a member of the Murrawarri Indigenous community in Australia.



Very positive with excellent speakers.

FMLM online conference

I knew it would be good by looking at the programme but it was even better than I imagined.

FMLM conference, Northern Ireland

Educative and stimulating

FMLM online conference

Very practical with many take aways

FMLM conference, Wales

Excellent topics, thought provoking, varied

Delegate, FMLM conference

Really interesting discussion, excellent speakers who were very inspiring

FMLM conference, Scotland